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Welcome to ShopAbroad 

Our site is built on the idea that you  will have benefits when you shop products abroad.  We do hope that you by using the internet site in an easy way find products that will access to thousands of products to a good price.  There are also products which are duty-free in Norway as, for example books. Do also take a glance into the blog with the heading “Information from ShopAbroad”. Here you will get tips of smart use of the site

See the rules for Norway: Toll- og avgiftsdirektorate.

In having a strategy for buying products to good prices, use coupon codes and use the discounts that the different suppliers/vendors is offering together with free freight. You will probably achieve a total savings which is significant.

See:Dagens Næringsliv and Smartepenger:

Best wishes for smart purchases from the administration at ShopAbroad.


ShopAbroad was established in 2015 and aims to become the first website to be selected if one is looking for a specific product or want to purchase as affordable as possible. In addition to providing an range of products offered by suppliers abroad, we also want to make it easy for customers to shop abroad affordable products. We believe that you by using discount coupons, suppliers discounts and in many cases free delivery in Norway, this will result in very affordable purchases.

Welcome to ShopAbroad 

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