Read This About Buying Electric Bikes

Introduction to the category “electric bicycles”

Under the category “electric bicycles” are highlighted electric bikes that are advertised (24/ 9-2018). The samples consists moreover of bicycles that should be competitive with bicycles purchased in Norway in price. The estimated prices in Norwegian kroner is calculated from a given exchange rate. To get the correct NOK , the price must be adjusted with the current exchange rate to get the correct price.

We reserve that the dealer do not change their prices and conditions. Click on the appropriate bike to find the exact price and terms. Take also the opportunity to check out other bike offers. There are a variety of electric bikes that are competitive in price even though shipping comes in addition to the sale price.

When purchasing electric bicycle will VAT be added to the stated price. In individual cases the buyer must also pay shipping cost.

Prices in Norway per 24/9 2018 – obtained on the Internet

ShopPathLowest price – nokHighest price – nok
Oslo Sportslagerwww.oslosportslager.no1599939990
Oslo – Elsykkelwww.oslo-elsykkel.no999936990

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